Epson 140 T140XL Ink Cartridge Yellow

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Epson 140 T140XL Ink Cartridge Yellow

Brand New Compatible ink cartridge with chips


Unit Price of the auction is for Single of the following:
T1401 XL Yellow – 17ml


This Epson 140 T140XL Ink Cartridge yellow with following Printers:

EPSON NX635 / NX-635 / NX 635
EPSON WF3520 / WF-3520 / WF 3520
EPSON WF3540 / WF-3540 / WF 3540
EPSON WF7510 / WF-7510 / WF 7510
EPSON WF7520 / WF-7520 / WF 7520
EPSON WorkForce WF60 / WorkForce WF-60 / WorkForce WF 60 / WorkForce60
EPSON WorkForce WF630 / WorkForce WF-630 / WorkForce WF 630 / WorkForce630
EPSON WorkForce WF633 / WorkForce WF-633 / WorkForce WF 633 / WorkForce633
EPSON WorkForce WF645 / WorkForce WF-645 / WorkForce WF 645 / WorkForce645
EPSON WorkForce WF7010 / WorkForce WF-7010 / WorkForce WF 7010 / WorkForce7010
EPSON WorkForce WF840 / WorkForce WF-840 / WorkForce WF 840 / WorkForc840
EPSON WorkForce WF845 / WorkForce WF-845 / WorkForce WF 845 / WorkForce845


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Inktoner Cartridge
Inktoner Cartridge
Excellent product fast shipping overnight. Working straight away. Price are very reasonable as compared to brand. A++ Quality
M Taylor
M Taylor
Great service and price. Highly reputable, honest and extremely helpful. Thanks Tahir and I'll be back to buy more.
Jaber Bin Islam
Jaber Bin Islam
I recently purchased ink from Printink and I must say that I had a great experience. The seller was awesome and provided me with proper materials that were compatible with my printer. The ink worked perfectly and I was able to print high-quality documents with ease. I appreciate the seller's knowledge and expertise in helping me choose the right ink for my printer. Overall, I highly recommend Printink to anyone in need of high-quality ink for their printer. Their seller is knowledgeable, helpful, and truly cares about the needs of their customers. I will definitely be a returning customer in the future.
onlinetech nz
onlinetech nz
excellent product and service. order received promptly...will Trade it again..
tahir ahmad
tahir ahmad
Excellent trade goods received in brand new condition. Definitely will buy the ink cartridges again... Thank you so much A++